Space Settlement Advocacy:
Contact Congress & Your Local Media

Do you want space settlement to happen but aren't sure how you can help? A powerful first step is to contact your Congressmen and the media by letter, email, or phone and expressing your support. Your voice is more powerful than you think.

Members of Congress and the media know that each person who contacts them may represent hundreds of others who feel the same but never choose to speak out.

According to a former Congressional staffer, the most effective way to get your representative's attention is to phone their local office in your district. To make a real impact, call them!

Use the web stickers below to look up the contact information for your members of Congress as well as news media groups. If addition, you can call your legislators at their Washington DC offices through the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

For the biggest impact with your elected officials, make sure to call them at their local offices in your district. That way they cannot ignore you.

Contact your legislators   Contact the media

The Space Settlement Institute has identified Land Claims Recognition on the Moon, Mars, and other celestial bodies as the most powerful financial incentive for making space settlement a reality (and a necessary first step to get the ball rolling), and at no cost to taxpayers.

Do you think Congress should form a committee to investigate the merits of Lunar Land Claims Recognition legislation? Then let your Senators and Congressman know how you feel! Inform your local newspapers and television stations as well, so they can help bring the issue into the spotlight. Contact Congress

Click the web sticker above to access the How to Contact Your Elected Officals page on the website. Use the links in the sections on that page to find contact information for your Senators, Congressmen, and local officials.

FAIR Media Contact List

Click the Contact the Media web sticker above to access the Media Contact List on the website. (The FAIR organization stands for fairness and accuracy in media reporting.)

Scroll down that page to find phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email contacts for:

  • Network & cable television
  • National radio programs
  • National newspapers
  • Magazines
  • News services & news wires

Everyone's voice counts. Speak up and make yours heard.

Every revolutionary idea passes three stages:
  1. It's impossible.
  2. It's possible but not worth doing.
  3. I said it was a good idea all along.
- Arthur C. Clarke
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